Battery Life

Having a mobile phone is great. You can talk with your friends, check your emails, get directions to the nearest restaurant, or even get some work done. However, the more you use your phone, the quicker the battery will drain. And once that battery life is dead, you are out of luck. You'll either find yourself without a phone, or sitting next to an outlet for an hour while it charges. This can be a real hassle, and most people would like to avoid it. If you are tired of your mobile device running out of battery so quickly, there are a few things that you can do.

First, you want to get control of the screen. This means two things. You want the screen to be bright enough to see it clearly, but dark enough that it isn't killing your battery. The brighter your screen is, the faster the battery drains, so you want to find a good balance. Many devices will adjust the brightness automatically based on the surrounding light, so see if your device has that options. The other thing to do is manage how long the screen stays on. Whenever you are not using your device, you should have the screen off. You can set it to turn off after a few seconds of inactivity, which will increase battery life. Whenever you can turn the screen off, you should do is.

Next, you want to manage what auxiliary features your phone is using. This would be things like Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, NFC, etc. If you have these things enabled, but you are not using them at the moment, you are draining your battery. For example, if you have your WiFI enabled, but you are driving around, and therefore not connected to any network, your phone will continue to try and connect even though there are no networks nearby. Turn off these features when you are not using them to save yourself some battery.

Third, you want to see what apps are running in the background of your phone, and how often they are doing this. Many times we don't close out of an app completely, and it will continue to run. If this keeps happening, over time you could have dozens of programs running in the background without even knowing it. All of these apps will put a burden on the hardware of your device, and it will drain your battery. In addition, if you have apps that need to sync up with the internet, you want to manage how often they do this. Some apps, by default, will constantly check the internet for new information. If this is the case, by constantly checking the internet, your battery will drain faster. Instead, try and set the app to manually update, so that it only connects when you want it to.

Lastly, you want to take care of the physical battery. If your phone is being stored in a very cold or a very hot place, it will impact your battery's performance. For example, you should not leave your phone in your car on a very hot day, as this will increase the temperature of the battery. The same thing can be said during the winter, so you want to make sure that your phone is always as close to room temperature as you can get it. If you feel your phone starting to overheat, turn it off and allow it to cool down for a little while. If the problem persists, you should get your phone checked out as there may be something wrong with it.

We hope this advice will allow you to extend the life of your phone battery. There is nothing you can do that will make your battery last forever, but by following the advice above you can at least get a few more hours out of it. The key is to know what your phone is doing, and to get as much control over it as you can.